Le Plateau de bakish is the first Eco-village in Lebanon, located in Bakish on a plot of 200,000 m2 with almost 4km drilled asphalted roads, connected water systems & electricity

Le Plateau de Bakish is little further from the main road between Fakra Club and Baskinta, on a plot of 200,000 m2. Chekerdjian Estates & Developments Group, owner of the project, subdivided over a hundred plots of 800 to 1500 m2. They drilled and almost 4 km asphalted roads, connected water systems, underground electricity and planted trees around 7000.
When we say quality, eco-friendly house, we mean it. We make full use solar energy, and use natural light and LED’s to cut cost and emissions.

We put emphasis on the use of natural resources to reduce the ecological foot print and carbon in emission. With wonderful location featuring swimming pool & public gardens. The plan of building a step wise traditional Lebanese village has begun and the first houses are being built. The heart of the project includes a play area, a pool and a small restaurant.
The Plots are available for buyers who will build their own houses according predefined standards and regulations. A committee of architects and urbanologists will coordinate the general harmony of the project.


Our ambition is to finish creating the first Eco-Village in Lebanon by 2020.
35% of the plots have been sold  & Prototype houses constructions is ongoing.
7000 trees planted so far, thousands of other trees are planned to be planted.


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First House prototype construction ends

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